Hiring Our Heroes


Advantages of using our employment agency to hire veteran’s in our program:

Increased Reliability- Residents live at the same location as the Caravilla Employment Agency and are required to abide by a strict curfew. Work attendance is a mandatory part of their program at RVCP, Inc. The Caravilla  Employment Agengy works closely with each resident’s case manager to ensure satisfactory performance.

Timeliness- Transportation can be provided by RVCP staff to teh employment location, as needed.

Drug and Alcohol Free Employees- All residents are regularily tested for both drug and alcohol use.

MacFarlane Pheasant Farm has teamed up with Caravilla to employ veterans in the program, and have found it to be an incredibly rewarding partnership.

Please contact Rob Phipps for more information about hiring a veteran in our program.

rphipps@rvcp.org 608-741-4500

 Employ vets

“When they come in they tend to hold their heads down. They’re ashamed of where they are in their life,” Robert says. “By them gaining employment, they’re able to hold their heads up high.”

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